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Residential wood-fired ovens

Liberté Range

The refractory clay hearth is delivered to you as a kit. You’ll have the pleasure of putting it together from start to finish.

You choose the location (outdoor or indoor), insulation and cladding.  Let your imagination run wild and use all of your skills to achieve the perfect oven for you!

Le Panyol 66

Le Panyol 66X99

Le Panyol 83

Le Panyol 100

Le Panyol 120

Sérénité Range

It has never been easier to build your own wood-fired oven.

Featuring a white clay core in a metal frame, the latest oven from Le Panyol seamlessly blends elegance, tradition and modernity. It will be a loyal companion to any food lover who wants to cook without spending hours building their oven. 

This oven is delivered as a kit. It includes the support, insulation and cladding. It will take no longer than one day to install.





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