Bread is the cornerstone of a healthy diet, and it’s the master baker’s intimate knowledge, expertise and respect for noble ingredients that lays this foundation. Le Panyol wood-fired ovens are fully guaranteed, high-quality products which meet the needs and expectations of consumers seeking true authenticity in their products.

Our professional wood-fired bread ovens are direct-heat wood-fired hearth ovens, allowing you to apply the wood-fired label to your products.

Promote your expertise and stand out from the competition:

  • Show your customers the magic of wood-fired baking,
  • Keep the tradition alive with age-old baking techniques,
  • Create high-quality bread that has all the flavour of a traditional loaf - and a longer shelf life.

A wood-fired oven…

A professional wood-fired oven that helps keep your energy costs down

Le Panyol wood-fired ovens maintain a constant, even temperature in the chamber and on the hearth thanks to the refractory white Larnage clay, one of the finest materials for making professional wood-fired ovens.  We’ve been using it since 1840.

This excellent heat inertia allows you to:

  • Bake several batches of bread on one lot of wood
  • Heat the oven back up extremely quickly (for a second batch (bakeries) or the second service (restaurant)
  • Use less wood: a pizzeria open 6 days a week will only need around 1 stere per month, saving you on average 30% compared to an electrical or gas oven.

What’s more: Wood is a cheap source of energy.  It is renewable, and locally sourced.

Rapid heating

Unlike old ovens which needed to be heated all night, you’ll only need to heat ours for one or two hours before your oven is hot enough to achieve pyrolysis. And this time gets even shorter if you use your oven every day. With constant use, the inertia and heat accumulation in the clay ensure that the temperature drops extremely slowly. You’ll only need a handful of dry logs to get your oven back up to temperature.

Our ovens are so simple to use

No electronics, no mechanics Easy to slide your products in and out. The burner system in our larger ovens makes fire control much easier.

Self-cleaning ovens

  • Le Panyol ovens clean themselves The Pyrolysis process (taking the temperature up to 400°C) when you heat up your oven) destroys any residual food left in your oven, no matter how fatty, from the previous session. If your oven is left inactive for several months, it’ll need to undergo a curing period for a few days, before you start to use it again professionally.
  • Essential for all of our ovens: we recommend having the smoke duct cleaned once or twice a year, according to current regulations.

A versatile wood-fired oven

You can cook in any way you like with a Le Panyol oven. For baked goods and other dishes, it’s ideal for bread, pizzas and barbecues.

  • You can even grill meat, fish and vegetables right on the hearth (no need for a grill):
  • A healthier way to cook, as there’s no contact with the flame
  • No smoke or unpleasant odours
  • No grill to clean - the next time you light the oven, the pyrolysis will take care of the cleaning for you

A healthy way to cook

Le Panyol ovens are “Category 1 food safe certified. Thanks to the exceptional refractory qualities of white Larnage clay, you can cook directly on the hearth floor and your food will neither stick nor dry out. What’s more, the flavours and textures of your food will be preserved and made to shine, thanks to the benefits of convection heating and inertia cooking.

Wood-fired ovens, made and developed in France

Each step in the production process for our ovens is completed in our historic factory in Tain l’Hermitage, where many of our finishing and shaping techniques have remained unchanged since 1840. As such, the skills and techniques of our employees (some of which have been with us for decades) are even more valuable.

A Living Heritage Company

In recognition of our skills and expertise, the French government has bestowed upon us the EPV (Living Heritage Company) label.  This is awarded to French companies who perpetuate truly excellent artisanal and industrial expertise.

A wood-fired oven that will stand the test of time

Made entirely from high-quality materials and assembled according to age-old techniques, Le Panyol ovens have been loyal and long-lasting companions for more than 160 years.  They become a precious part of their habitat, and a legacy to hand down from generation to generation. In some regions, you’ll often come across Le Panyol ovens with our former name - Terrassier - on them.  These are ovens that have been going strong since the end of the 19th century.

The Wood-Fired label

Using the Direct Heat method in the baking chamber or with a burner system*, Le Panyol ovens allow you to use the “wood-fired cooking” label for your products.

* The fire is kept in a chamber under the main oven, but the flames rise up into the baking chamber

Great added value for your business

When installed in full view of your customers, your Le Panyol Pro oven is attractive and highlights your own skills and expertise by bringing an artisanal touch to your business. It is a guarantee of authenticity, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

You can also use it for demonstrations.  It’s the perfect way to attract children and adults alike.

An environmentally friendly wood-fired oven

Our ovens are entirely made from refractory fired clay. White Larnage clay, mixed with water in a proportion which has been jealously guarded for seven generations, is the only material used in our ovens.

Environmentally friendly design

From the extraction of the white clay from our quarry right up to shaping the individual parts, each step of our production process has been developed with sustainable development in mind.  We are extremely aware of the environment and our effect on it.


Le Panyol Boulangerie 113

Baking surface : 0,94 m²
Ø 113X100 cm

Le Panyol Boulangerie 120

Baking surface : 1.13 m²
Ø 120 cm

Le Panyol Boulangerie 120L

Baking surface : 1.50 m²
Ø 120X150 cm

Le Panyol Boulangerie 180

Baking surface : 2.54 m²
Ø 180 cm

Le Panyol Boulangerie 180L

Baking surface : 3.26 m²
Ø 180X220 cm

Le Panyol Boulangerie 250

Baking surface : 4.90 m²
Ø 250 cm


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