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White Larnage Clay

White Clay, Sensual Clay

Located just to the north of Provence among the vineyards of Crozes Hermitage, our quarry was born several million years ago in a region famous for its aromas and flavours. The unique value of the clay was discovered thousands of years ago, and has long been used to make cooking pots. From the Roman times onwards, this clay has been renowned as one of the finest materials for cooking instruments.


A truly unique clay 

The quality of white Larnage clay is exceptional.  The colour comes from its high kaolin content. It can withstand fires of up to 1630°C, making it a particularly effective refractory material. And as there’s no iron oxide, it will never taint the flavour of your food...


A wealth of tradition, a strong identity

In use since the 19th century for the manufacture of professional bread ovens and other refractory clay products, our quarry is now the only one of its kind still used for this industry. We are the willing heirs of centuries of tradition.  It is our duty and passion to perpetuate this tradition, continuing to fire the white Larnage clay and jealously protect the secrets behind our unparalleled refractory products!


Clay worth preserving

Since 1840, we’ve been careful to extract our white clay without the use of explosives or chemical products.

It is not treated, and it’s not mixed with anything else. It is just sorted into various grades, allowing us to use each according to its own properties.

And because we know just how rare a resource this is, we are careful to use it sustainably so that future generations can enjoy this wonderful material. 



The travels of our white clay

The white clay is cut, filtered, graded... But it’s not yet been fired. It must now make its way to our workshops in Tain l’Hermitage, at the foot of the Larnage hills, where it can be formed into parts for our ovens.



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