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One of the great virtues of White Clay is that it requires very little maintenance!
Grease and deposits from previous use are burned away when you heat your oven, leaving it cleaned and spotless. This is known as pyrolysis.
When the original white colour of the interior is restored you can be sure that your oven is clean.
Depending on how often you use your oven, you should have the smoke flue swept every 1 to 2 years (every year if the oven is inside the house)
You can either sweep the flue yourself or call in a specialist firm (your insurance company may require a sweeping certificate if the oven is inside the house).

The deposits found in the flue depend on the quality of the wood you use: green wood, pine, etc.


For all your grilled dishes, the meat or fish is placed directly on the hearth. There's no grill or tray to clean!
If the hearth gets dirty during cooking (pizza topping, fat, etc.), rake the embers over the soiled areas for a few moments; the dirt will be burned away and you can carry on cooking without a worry.

Your Le Panyol oven must be protected against bad weather by a roof wide enough to ensure that the oven and the hearth tiles do not absorb moisture.
It must remain dry in winter as, if it absorbs water, frost damage will make it unusable.
After an over-wintering period, the oven should be heated slowly with a series of small fires to rid it of any residual humidity.

If you follow these instructions, your Le Panyol oven will serve you for many years.



See the pyrolisys on the video :