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Artisanal production, handed down through the generations

From cutting the white clay from our Larnage quarry right up to shaping the refractory clay parts in our historic Tain l’Hermitage factory, Le Panyol wood-fired ovens are made according to a single philosophy: that we must never forget what we take from the earth, and what we must do in return. 

As a Living Heritage Company, we’ve been making wood-fired ovens from white Larnage clay since 1840.

Our history


White Larnage clay is unique, a kaolin clay of exceptional quality.



Larnage White Clay


We strive every day to combine expertise handed down from generation to generation with our own strict quality standards, and every day we succeed. 

Our expertise


The first wood-fired ovens were used long before the beginning of recorded history. Discover the history of wood-fired ovens

Wood-fired ovens throughout history