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Four banal

Our Pro team will help you draw up your project, advising you on the options you need for your unique situation and helping you achieve maximum use and maximum yield.

Choice of location

Indoor, outdoor, mobile...There are a variety of places you can install one of our ovens, but there are a few conditions to take into consideration before you start to build. You’ll first need a feasibility study for the premises.

Choose the oven model and the options you need

Tailor your oven to your project: production frequency, production type and volume, your cooking methods... We’ll recommend the best oven for your needs.

Some of our Le Panyol Pro ovens, according to the options you choose, can only be installed by our own teams due to their complexity.



Assembly services

Once your project feasibility study is validated, your Le Panyol Pro wood-fired oven is built over a series of different steps:

  1. Construction of a base to house the various parts of the oven
  2. Insulation and installation of the base
  3. Installation of the hearth and the dome of the oven
  4. Installation of the various insulation components
  5. Cladding and decoration of the oven (according to the chosen materials)

We can adapt our installation service to your needs: all or just some of the steps


Start-up and maintenance

We can help you start up your oven: the first burn, using your options, advice on wood and accessories...