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Le Panyol wood-fired ovens for restaurants

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Restaurant Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Restaurant M Wood Fire Oven - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Le Panyol wood-fired ovens cook by radiation, conduction and convection and really bring out the flavours. This authentic style of cooking takes care of even the most delicate dishes and offers a healthy, refined, inventive and unique form of cuisine.

They can cook anything: seared, braised or stewed meat, fish "on the plancha" or in foil, local and foreign dishes, tarts, desserts… No matter what your culture and tastes are, a Le Panyol wood-fired oven can be used for all types of world or regional food.

Le Panyol Pro 96

This model is suitable for small positions.

  • 4 dishes
Cooking area
0.78 m² - D 96 × W 100 cm

Le Panyol Pro 113

This model is suitable for laboratories that have limited space or for small restaurant dining rooms.

  • 8 dishes
Cooking area
0,94 m² - D 113 × W 100 cm

Le Panyol Pro 135

The ideal model for a high output.

  • 12 dishes
Cooking area
1,13 m² - D 135 × W 120 cm

Le Panyol Pro 165

Elongated shape. Suitable for a high output.
Sold only with an assembly service.

  • 14 dishes
Cooking area
1,50m² - 165 × 120 cm

Le Panyol Pro 190

This model is suitable for large restaurants.

  • 18 dishes
Cooking area
2,54 m² - Ø 190 cm