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Fayol Factory at the beginning of the XXth century
Catalog in the twenties
Fayol Factory at the beginning of the XXth century


The Fayol Company's roots are in the land of White Earth, in Larnage (Drôme, France).

With its quarry and a know-how accumulated over 6 generations, the company specializes in the making of high quality heat resistant ceramic products.

1840 : Birth of the house of TERRASSIER

As owners of the Larnage quarry, the TERRASSIER family first started producing refractory earthenware products at "Tain l'Hermitage" in 1840.

1904 : A Family transition

The family business moved into the 20th century with a new name, FOURNIER TERRASSIER, following the marriage of Paule Marthe Terrassier, descendant of the TERRASSIER family to Joseph Alfred FOURNIER.

1964 : The 1st FAYOL

With no direct descendants to take over, the responsibility for guiding the course of the business up to 1980 fell to Mr. FAYOL.

At the beginning of the 1980's, after more than a century had passed, the traditional know how of the craft was still very much intact. This enabled FAYOL to reap the benefits of an expertise in "Terre Blanche" and the production of refractory earthenware cookware which is nearly 150 years old.

This traditional know how was recognized in 2006 by the French government which honors generations of craftsmen by awarding the title EPV – Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (or Living Heritage Company).

…in the present

Specialist in refractory products

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Over the years, humans have been able to preserve their knowledge and pass it down from generation to generation, while adapting to a changing environment.

Scientific knowledge of "Terre Blanche" has been developed. Technological and production methods have been modernized, and customer expectations have became more demanding.

Since the 80's, and the purchase of Fayol by a family from the Drôme area, the company's priority has been to maintain quality : enhancing the value of products and know how, structuring the product range, creating new products, modernizing production tools and developing the export business. Fayol is now the last business to use "Terre Blanche" in the manufacture of refractory earthenware products for cooking.