Wood-fired ovens for private customers

Installing and assembling your oven

Le Panyol wood-fired oven assembly guidelines

Before you begin assembling the oven itself, you need to choose where you're going to position it and work out exactly how much working space (or floor space) is required for the installation.
Check in particular that the floor/ground can support the total weight of the finished oven (base + oven + insulation + finish + roof). The floor/ground must be flat and should not subside under the weight of the construction.

The oven may be installed inside or outside the house, free-standing or incorporated into an existing building, near the pool, in a conservatory or in the kitchen. There are many different installation options. See our "Examples of installations" page or ask for advice.

Outside installation

The Panyol oven must be protected against bad weather by a roof wide enough to ensure that the oven and the hearth tiles do not absorb moisture.
It must remain dry in winter as, if it absorbs water, frost damage will make it unusable.
If the oven is free-standing, the flue should be approximately 1m. However, if the oven is incorporated into an existing building, the flue should extend 40 cm beyond the height of the ridge tiles. (See the standards in force in the installation country).

Inside installation

The Panyol oven must be connected to an existing chimney flue or to one that is to be built.
The flue should be as straight as possible.
The authorized inclination is 30° from vertical. This varies according to the length of the flue. (See the standards in force in the installation country)
The hood supplied with our ovens is 180mm in diameter.
The flue should be fitted with a stack where it emerges from the roof.
To prevent damp and rainwater penetration into the flue, a rain cap should be fitted to the top of the stack.

Once you have chosen the position, you can now start to assemble the oven.

Here, you have 2 options:

  • Good at DIY?
    The oven is designed in kit form and you can easily assemble it yourself
  • You'd prefer not to install it yourself?
    Use the assembly service provided by the retailer in your area