Wood-fired ovens for private customers

Cooking with a wood fire

Schéma combustion / rayonnement / convection

Conviviality and pleasures of the senses

Le Panyol ovens cook food by radiation, conduction and convection and really bring out the flavours.
When you cook with a wood fire in a Le Panyol wood-fired oven, it takes care of even the most delicate recipes to offer healthy, authentic, refined, inventive and unique dishes.

A thousand and one flavours

Cooking with a wood fire in a Le Panyol oven means rediscovering the great pleasures of cooking along with a certain idea of conviviality.
Simply follow your desires, use your creativity, create an event and revisit the classics of wood-fired cooking in a completely natural way. A Le Panyol oven is ideal for everyday cooking as well as for the great occasions.
Cuisson sur soleCooking directly on the hearth: due to the White Clay's composition, many foods can be placed and cooked directly on the hearth with no worry about altering their taste.
Food safety certification.
Textures are preserved; dishes are crisp and golden on the surface, moist and melt-in-the-mouth on the inside.

A question of taste

Le Panyol wood-fired ovens can cook anything: bread and pastries, seared and stewed meat, fish "on the plancha" or in foil, tarts and quiches, desserts, dried fruit and meringues…
Cooking ovens can be used as bread ovens, pizza ovens or barbecue ovens.

No matter what your culture and tastes are, a Le Panyol wood-fired oven can be used for all types of world or regional food.

A wide range of wood-fired cooking methods in a single oven!

A Le Panyol oven offers a wide range of wood-fired cooking methods: you can cook quickly at a high temperature or slowly at a lower temperature (e.g. slow-cooked lamb), or you can dry fruit and vegetables.
You can work in different ways depending on the type of wood-fired cooking you want to do: with a flame/open oven or without a flame/closed oven.

You can of course use these cooking methods one after the other over one or more days, as cooking in a Le Panyol bread oven is based on the principle of thermal mass.
Once you have removed the embers, you can only use the amount of heat accumulated in the mass of terracotta.

All types of wood-fired cooking therefore have to be carried out at a temperature that reduces gradually but slowly, as the heat-resistant terracotta in Le Panyol ovens offers a very high level of inertia.
The wood-fired oven, is initially very hot (+ 400°C) and gradually loses its heat until it has cooled completely after 3 to 5 days (depending on the outside temperature, the type of oven insulation, etc.): this is the cooling curve.

The dishes prepared in a wood-fired oven therefore have to be cooked in a certain order, according to this curve, starting with those that require the most heat and ending with those that need the least (e.g. meringues), the final stage being drying.

Here are a few reference points, although they are only for guidance. Only with a sound knowledge of your wood-fired oven will you be sure to make a success of your cooking, as you must learn not to confuse heat with temperature.

Cooking with a flame at the back of the oven, door open

  • Barbecued meat: 350°-300°C
  • Pizza/open toasted sandwiches/etc.: 350°-300°C

Cooking without a flame, door closed

  • Fruit tarts: 280°-250°C
  • Other tarts: 260°-250°C
  • Bread: 250°-200°C / 180°C
  • Yeast dough: 200°-170°C
  • Stewed meat dishes: 200°-180°C
  • Gratin: 200°-180°C
  • Meringues: 100°C

Once again, only by experimenting with your bread oven and using it regularly will you learn how to control it and achieve full satisfaction.