Wood-fired ovens for private customers

The advantages of Le Panyol ovens

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100% natural, made entirely of heat-resistant terracotta
100% natural, made entirely of heat-resistant terracotta

Efficient and economical

  • Low wood consumption
  • Heats up quickly (approximately 1 hr)… For hours of cooking
  • High level of inertia due to the heat-resistant terracotta, which has a high heat accumulation capacity


  • Le Panyol wood-fired ovens can cook anything. This cooking oven may also be used as a bread oven, pizza oven, barbecue or plancha.
  • For barbecues, cook directly on the hearth (no grill required):
    • Healthier, as there's no contact with the flame
    • No smoke or unpleasant odours
    • No grill to clean - natural pyrolysis during the next fire

Low maintenance

Natural pyrolysis during the next fire.

Long-term resistance

  • Noble, natural materials
  • Very long life: your Le Panyol oven will be passed on from generation to generation and add value to your home

Healthy cooking

  • Larnage White Clay preserves the taste and texture of the food, which may be cooked directly on the hearth without fear of sticking or drying
  • Le Panyol has been awarded category 1 food safety certification*

A French product made with ancestral know-how

Entreprise du patrimoine Vivant An "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" – (Living Heritage enterprise)
The company has been in operation since 1840 and has been awarded the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (EPV) label, which is a mark of recognition by the Government that was introduced to reward French companies that show proof of a high level of traditional craft and industrial know-how.

A brand recognized by the Great Chefs!

Certain Great Chefs have chosen to install a Le Panyol oven in their kitchen.
Bakers passionate about their work have installed a Le Panyol in their bakery.
The domestic range is made with the same materials as the professional range.